Commodity round sling yarns

Commoditized yarns are usually made from conventional materials such as cotton, polyester, or acrylic and are produced in large quantities at a low cost. These yarns are generally designed for standard applications such as clothing, home textiles, or basic industrial products, and their properties are standardized to meet minimum performance requirements.

Round sling production with commodity yarns

Some of the purposes for which commodity yarns are used in the production of round slings include:

  1. General lifting applications: Round slings made with commodity yarns are suitable for general lifting applications where the loads being lifted are not excessively heavy and the conditions are not extreme. These slings can be used in a variety of industries such as construction, agriculture, or logistics.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Commodity yarns are less expensive than high-performance yarns, making them an attractive option for applications where cost is a primary consideration.
  3. Flexibility: Commodity yarns are flexible and can be woven into a variety of different sling designs to meet the specific needs of different lifting applications.
  4. Light-duty lifting: Commodity yarns are suitable for producing round slings that are used for light-duty lifting applications, such as moving furniture or equipment.
  5. Compliance with standards: Round slings made with commodity yarns can still be designed to meet specific standards and certifications, such as the European Norm (EN) or the
    International Organization for Standardization (ISO), to ensure their quality and safety.

Commodity yarns are commonly used for producing round slings that are used in standard lifting applications where the loads being lifted are not excessively heavy and the conditions are not extreme. These yarns are cost-effective, flexible, and suitable for light-duty lifting applications.

Our commodity yarns

High tenacity polyester is a yarn well-suited for round sling construction. It has a great strength to weight ratio, relatively low elongation, and excellent fiber fatigue and abrasion properties.



With our engineered solutions, we produce the perfect fit tailored to your production process. Below is an overview of all the possibilities for the different weight and tube sizes:

Upon request, we can supply any round sling construction with marker yarns to visualize breaking strength and or construction. By adding a marker, we successfully lower the likelihood of production errors. 

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