Industrial Yarns

TP yarns are used in a multitude of applications. Our fibers range from industrial grade to high performance, and each of them offers unique characteristics and benefits. Meanwhile, applications range from the commonplace – like multipurpose lifting slings – to critical, high-performance textiles. It’s important you choose the correct fiber for your application, in order to guarantee your product’s success. Here at TP we take pride in providing the technical expertise needed to help our clients choose the best product for their application. Each of our solutions falls into one of three categories, which also come with varying degrees of comprehensive support. These are our polyester and polyamide yarns, suitable for a range of applications, including ropes, hoses and geotextiles.



  • extremely durable polymer
  • excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • superior elastic properties
  • less susceptible to shrinkage
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • wet strength retention
  • specific gravity of 1.2.
  • absorbs around 2% of its weight in water
  • will sink in marine environments
  • in multiple types
  • more colours.
Technical specification guide

Polyamide 6

  • open molecular structure
  • low internal bonding
  • multifilament yarn
  • susceptible to UV exposure
  • elastic properties
  • high tenacity
  • excellent wet abrasion resistance
  • available in black and white
  • heat resistant 150 ˚C
Technical specification guide

Polyamide 6.6

  • tightly bonded molecular structure
  • stiff structure
  • multifilament yarn
  • resistant to crushing
  • superior colourfastness
  • extremely resistant to fading
  • available in black and white
  • heat resistant 265 ˚C
  • available in low shrinkage
Technical specification guide

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