As markets transform, so do customer needs. Our clients look for products that respond to complex challenges – not superficial And at TP, we deliver. In any client relationship, delivering long-term solutions means asking the right questions. Why is the client using a particular kind of yarn? How could things be done more efficiently and effectively? How can we help the customer make their business more competitive?


Our customers across markets rely on our ability to deliver:

  • Innovation
    For many clients, high-performance yarns are the building blocks on which enterprise and innovation are founded. We position our product portfolio to deliver on this promise every step of the way.
  • Expertise
    Solving unique challenges requires decades of experience treating high-performance yarns and pushing the limits of their many applications.
  • Integrated solutions
    Developing high-performance solutions is complex and demanding. We do the legwork to align all steps and stakeholders to ensure smooth delivery.

Armouring & Braiding

TP has your  needs covered – for applications ranging from laid rope, to braided rope and armouring. 

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The introduction of high-performance fibers into the world of lifting operations has been a game-changer. 

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The strength of a finished product’s weave is everything.

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