The introduction of high-performance fibers into the world of lifting operations has been a game-changer. Now it’s up to fiber and sling manufacturers to step up and meet these challenges head-on.

Given TP’s expertise in fiber characteristics and processing, we are uniquely qualified to assist clients in meeting the end-users’ demands.

Our on-site production and testing facilities mean we can meet – and exceed – our clients’ expectations when it comes to twist levels and blends of TITAN HMPE, PES and aramids. We are committed to helping clients maximise performance and efficiency through sling design. 

Our range of industrial fibers include:

  • Polyester
  • Polyamide 6 & 6.6
  • Our high-performance fibers:
    o Aramid
    o Vectran

TP is ready to fulfil all your performance and application needs with blended and coated yarns calibrated to your specifications.

Our product capabilities include:

  • Ring twisting for finer rope constructions
  • Twisted/multiplied cable constructions
  • Two-for-one twisting (ideal for creating courser constructions)
  • Coating and finishing

We also carry out on-site testing and proofing to ensure all yarn batches maintain top-tier quality and consistency.