We understand the complexities and challenges you face as you strive to meet the diverse needs of your clients. Selecting the right yarn to meet the needs of your clients needs involves a careful balancing act, considering numerous criteria to ensure that your products exceed expectations and deliver exceptional value. We recognize the importance of every aspect in fulfilling your clients' braiding requirements.

We design a range of high-performance yarn solutions focused on supporting your growth. Our solutions are specifically tailored to your individual needs. And we manage our innovative product portfolio at every stage: from sourcing to production to delivery.

Who we work for

Braiding companies typically specialize in manufacturing a wide range of braided products across various industries. Here are some examples of industries we empower with world-class yarns:

  1. Automotive
    In the automotive industry, we empower braiding companies that manufacture braided hoses and cables used for fluid transfer. Braided sleeving is also used to protect and organize wires and cables in automotive wiring harnesses.
  2. Aerospace and Defense
    We partner with braiding companies that produce aerospace-grade braided hoses, cables, and reinforcements used in aircraft, spacecraft, and military equipment.
  3. Construction and Infrastructure
    We create yarns tailored to create braided ropes and cords that are used in construction and infrastructure projects for lifting, rigging, and securing purposes.
  4. Marine and Fishing
    We work with companies that produce braided ropes and lines that are used in marine and fishing applications for mooring, towing, and fishing operations.
  5. Electronics and Electrical
    We partner with braiding companies who produce braided cables, sleeving, and harnesses used in electronics and electrical applications for shielding, grounding, and cable management. 

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of customised yarns that we have produced for braiding companies to meet the specific needs of their clients.

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How to select the right yarns for your braiding products

We work with you to modernise your business by increasing both value and impact. We optimise solutions by focusing on business outcomes and long-term return on total investment. But how to select the right yarn for your braiding products?

The selection of yarn material for braiding involves careful consideration of several key factors. Material properties such as strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance, and chemical compatibility are critical in determining the suitability of the yarn for the intended application.

Strength and durability are essential for withstanding high loads and harsh environments, especially in industries like aerospace and automotive. Additionally, flexibility and elasticity are important for accommodating dynamic movements, while chemical resistance ensures longevity in harsh chemical environments.

The aesthetic appearance of the braided product, regulatory requirements, and cost-effectiveness also play significant roles in the decision-making process, ensuring that the chosen yarn meets both performance and budgetary needs.

What we offer

TP has your needs covered – for applications ranging from laid rope, to braided rope and armouring. We can supply both flat and converted yarns and fibers specifically suited to any application, including:

  • Traditional laid ropes
  • Twines for netting
  • General working ropes
  • Braided ropes for deep-water moorings
  • Armouring of cables
  • High-performance sports equipment

Our range of industrial fibers include

  • Polyester
  • Polyamide 6 & 6.6
  • Our high-performance fibers:
    o Aramid
    o Vectran

TP is ready to fulfil all your performance and application needs with blended and coated yarns calibrated to your specifications.

Our product capabilities include

  • Ring twisting for finer rope constructions
  • Twisted/multiplied cable constructions
  • Two-for-one twisting (ideal for creating courser constructions)
  • Coating and finishing
  • On-site testing and proofing to ensure all yarn batches maintain top-tier quality and consistency.

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