TP has your needs covered – for applications ranging from laid rope, to braided rope and armouring. We can supply both flat and converted yarns and fibers specifically suited to any application, including:

• Traditional laid ropes
• Twines for netting
• General working ropes
• Braided ropes for deep-water moorings
• Armouring of cables
• High-performance sports equipment 

Our range of industrial fibers include:

  • Polyester
  • Polyamide 6 & 6.6
  • Our high-performance fibers:
    o Aramid
    o Vectran

TP is ready to fulfil all your performance and application needs with blended and coated yarns calibrated to your specifications.

Our product capabilities include:

  • Ring twisting for finer rope constructions
  • Twisted/multiplied cable constructions
  • Two-for-one twisting (ideal for creating courser constructions)
  • Coating and finishing

We also carry out on-site testing and proofing to ensure all yarn batches maintain top-tier quality and consistency.