Precision Partnerships, NMi+ ensures top quality of our Instron testing machines.

Every other year, an NMi+ expert pays a visit to our facility to finetune our Instron testing machines in the lab. Nmi+ is the leading independent specialist for testing, certification and training in the field of metrology. With this regular calibration, we keep our testing facility topnotch, resulting in high-quality yarns and swiftly identification of any production issues.

In an industry where every strand counts, the accuracy and dependability of our testing machines stand as the bedrock of our commitment to delivering excellence. With NMI+ as our trusted ally in this journey, we stand poised to continue producing the threads of innovation, strength, and quality into the fabric of countless industries.

As we look to the future, this dedication to excellence remains unwavering, solidifying our position as leaders in the industry, weaving innovation and quality into every strand. We are proud to offer high quality customized yarns to our clients all over the world that are produced and tested our own facility.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our inhouse production and testing facility. We are happy to discuss how we can produce yarns tailored to your needs.

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