Keeping pace with international customs rules and regulations to deliver our yarns to every corner of the world smoothly

We manage all yarn solutions from beginning to end, delivering to clients worldwide. This requires that we keep pace with changing rules and regulations and adapt processes to meet dynamic challenges. Long-term operational services include global logistics management, logistics monitoring and reporting, warehousing, flexible volume handling, stock planning and security.

Customs training program

In response to the ever-evolving landscape of international trade, we have undertaken a strategic initiative to bolster our team's expertise in customs affairs. Over the past few months, a comprehensive customs training program has been implemented, specifically targeting the role of a junior customs declarant. This initiative is not only a testament to our commitment to staying abreast of regulatory changes but also to foster a cadre of professionals equipped with an in-depth understanding of customs and trade regulations.

Inhouse knowledge and expertise

Crucially, we have gone beyond conventional measures, by enrolling our team members to important customs declarant courses. This proactive approach aims to empower our workforce, ensuring they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of customs procedures effectively. Ultimate objective is obviously to offer a smooth global logistics process to ensure we deliver our yarns to every corner of the world.

Our colleague Arya Khosravirad explains: “in de past months, I completed a customs course, specifically as a junior customs declarant, enhancing both personal growth and TP's expertise in customs and regulations. The course helps me to improve the global logistics services for our clients. I highly appreciate TP’s support to help me grow professionally. Since joining in 2021 I have also been offered a language course, which has rendered me fluent in Dutch.

If you have any questions regarding our global logistics management services, please don’t hesitate to contact Arya or your local representative.

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