Commodity yarns: quality meets affordability

Not every project requires high-performance yarns. TP Industrial Yarns therefore offers a range of commodity yarns that combine quality with affordability, making them perfect for standard weaving applications.


Why choose commodity yarns?

  • Cost-effective: Commodity yarns offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.
  • Versatility: Designed for standard applications, these yarns are suitable for a wide range of weaving projects.
  • Quality assurance: TP Industrial Yarns maintains strict quality standards, ensuring that our commodity yarns meet and exceed industry requirements.


Our commodity yarns are suitable for various weaving applications, including:

  • Technical fabrics: Our commodity yarns play a crucial role in the creation of technical fabrics. These fabrics find applications in industries ranging from construction and industrial manufacturing to healthcare and fashion. These reliable and cost-effective yarns deliver performance without compromising on quality.
  • Automotive engineering: The automotive industry demands materials that can withstand rigorous conditions and meet high safety standards. Our commodity yarns contribute to the production of fabrics used in automotive interiors, seating, and other components, ensuring comfort, durability, and style in every ride.
  • Marine applications: In the challenging marine environment where exposure to saltwater, sun, and harsh weather conditions is the norm, our commodity yarns hold their own. They serve as the foundation for marine textiles, upholstery, and various applications in boats and yachts, delivering both functionality and affordability.

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