High-performance yarns: choosing to excel

The world of weaving is where precision and innovation meet, and the choice of yarn is the cornerstone of excellence. TP Industrial Yarns is your partner in crafting the extraordinary – our high-performance yarns are designed to help you achieve unparalleled results in your weaving projects.


Discover the high-performance difference

Our high-performance yarns are engineered to exceed expectations, offering:

  • Exceptional strength: Designed for demanding applications, our yarns provide the strength needed to withstand the most rigorous weaving conditions.
  • Durability: Count on our yarns to outlast and outperform, ensuring your woven textiles remain resilient over time.
  • Resistance: High-performance fibers are built to withstand extreme conditions, making them ideal for specialized weaving projects.


Our high-performance yarns are ideal for various weaving applications, including:

  • Aerospace: Our high-performance yarns take flight in the aerospace industry, where they contribute to the creation of cutting-edge materials and components for aircraft – maintaining their structural integrity and resilience in the most demanding conditions.
  • Protective textiles/chafe gear: Our yarns provide the foundation for fabrics that shield against abrasion, friction, and wear, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of those who depend on them.
  • Technical fabrics: Technical fabrics owe their exceptional properties to the precision and quality of the yarns at their core. Our high-performance yarns give technical fabrics attributes like strength, durability, and resistance, making them indispensable in various specialized applications.
  • Automotive engineering: From safety features to performance enhancements, our yarns are an integral part of automotive engineering. They reinforce airbags, seatbelts, and other critical components, ensuring the safety and reliability of vehicles on the road.
  • Marine applications: Exposure to saltwater and harsh conditions is a constant challenge at sea. Our high-performance yarns stand up to the challenge, serving as the building blocks for marine ropes, sails, and other marine equipment.
  • Sports and outdoor gear: Whether you're scaling mountains or exploring caves, our yarns enable the creation of high-performance gear. They enhance the strength, flexibility, and endurance of outdoor equipment, enabling enthusiasts and athletes to push their limits with confidence.

Explore our range

  • Aramid yarns
  • TITAN HMPE yarns
  • Vectran & LCP yarns

Looking for a high-performance yarn to elevate your weaving crafts?

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