Important factors in selecting the right yarn for your round sling

If you are producing round slings, there are plenty of possibilities regarding the type of yarn to use. The question, therefore, is: how do you select the right yarn for your round sling? Continue reading and find out how to make the best choice.

Relevant factors in choosing the right yarn

Round sling producers typically select a yarn based on several factors. When selecting a yarn, you should think about the required load capacity, the desired level of strength and durability, and the intended use of the sling. We’ll go through these factors below.

Intended use

The type of yarn used in the production of a round sling will depend on the intended use of the sling. For example, you would select a high-performance yarn such as Titan HMPE for situations where you need high strength, light weight, durability, and low elongation.


Another consideration you should take into account when selecting a yarn is the load capacity of the round sling. For example, Vectran is five times stronger than steel. If you are designing a high capacity sling, Vectran would allow you to do this allowing you to keep the sling at a reasonable size and weight for efficient handling.


Durability is another relevant factor. Both polyester and HMPE are popular fibers for round sling production due to their superior strength-to-weight properties. They can also withstand high cyclic loading, resulting in good longevity in load-bearing applications.

Manufacturer recommendations

Round sling producers may also rely on the recommendations of yarn manufacturers when selecting the appropriate yarn for a specific lifting application. These are specialists who are often well aware of which yarn is most suitable for which type of round sling.

In short, selecting the right yarn is a critical step in the production of high-quality round slings. It requires careful consideration of the intended use of the sling, load capacity requirements, durability needs, and the guidance of reputable yarn manufacturers.

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