The importance of high-performance yarns in the round sling market

High-performance yarns are becoming more popular in round sling constructions. Their high strength to weight ratio allow operators to handle high loads with more efficiency than a wire or polyester round sling of the same strength. These yarns are critical to the performance of the sling, making it essential that producers focus on quality of yarn and how the product differs from Polyester yarn in both performance and handling when constructing slings with HMPE. This blog addresses some of these differences.

the importance of high-performance yarns in the round sling market

The primary reason it is important to pick a quality HMPE yarn is safety. This is the primary load bearing component of your sling. An inferior strength member could lead to a serious accident or injury. It is important to procure yarns from reputable producers with a good track record for quality and reliable performance. The second reason is performance; will the fiber perform as expected and will the supplier stand behind the product?

Understanding HMPE and it’s properties is crucial in building a high-performance round sling. The key attributes of HMPE are it’s high tensile strength, superior cut resistance and low elongation. The last attribute is important to keep in mind when building round slings. Tension control is very important to achieve adequate load sharing in the structure. It also has very low Coefficient of Friction so friction splice terminations may not be optimal. Proper knotting and tension should be considered when building round slings. TP’s technical sales team can help clients transition from Polyester to high-performance round slings production.

High-performance yarns contribute to the overall performance and longevity of round slings. Understanding the nuance of HMPE fiber is imperative to successful use and life of the product. Training is a big part of proper use and performance of your HMPE round sling. TP can help with understanding the “do’s and don’ts” of your HMPE round sling.

Producing quality yarns from quality fiber is TP’s mission. In addition to the attention to detail when producing a round sling, the quality of the base yarn is critical to the overall quality of the sling. The state of the art equipment at TP and attention to detail when producing yarns is what seperates TP from it’s competition.

In conclusion, the quality of the high-performance yarn is an essential consideration when constructing round slings. These yarns provide the primary building blocks for this critical lifting tool. Their strength and durability contribute to the overall performance and lifespan of your sling. Choosing round slings made with high-quality yarns is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your lifting and hoisting operations.

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